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Web Hosting

When you’re purchasing web hosting look for the ability to add multiple domains to a single hosting account. This enables you to use the hosting services of more than one entity, effectively offering support for both. Its something most small businesses cant afford to do for the limited amount of available hosting space.
For the new entrants that are already running large accounts, the option to add more domains to the account isn’t as appealing. It only provides a limited amount of capacity, and a one-time cost of $3,300.00 (the “Site Options” step of the process) of additional domain space is required to house the extra domains. This expensive addition makes any attempt at a multi-domain hosting account (MDA) difficult and nearly impossible.

Faster Account Initialization
In the event you are wondering why I’m recommending a one-time $3,300.00 for additional domain capacity, let me assure you there’s a simple reason: you only have 24 hours to add the domain. The site needs to be up and running by that hour or else the account is lost. The point of all this is simple: after you’re done with the initial billing for your web hosting account you’re going to need to sell the domain space back to your hosting company while also offering knownhost dedicated hosting as many companies do. No one is going to pay you anything in exchange for hosting space after that happens. A domain name hosting account has a capacity limit, but its only an amount of space that can be added to your account. There’s not much in the way of security or hosting solutions to make sure your domain name is available if you do sell it, and if you sell it there are no guarantees that your hosting company will be able to return your investment.
I’m a firm believer in providing an option for new entrants. Consider it a “surprise”, but if you purchase the additional domain space you will be in a position to handle your hosting company’s return. For new entrants Im always more than willing to look at additional options.

Backup hosting services
Let’s get straight to the point here. Anybody whos used the internet for any length of time knows that the internet can be a deadly place. The variety of viruses and malware on the internet are numerous. Many of those who try to fight them lose their battle. The reality is that 99.999% of cyber attacks come from only one website, and that’s the one you’re talking about. Sure, there’s hundreds of other websites on the internet, but most of the good hackers start their work on one website that’s easy to target.

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